Starting off the 2010-2011 session we worked  towards The Promise Challenge, The Outdoor Challenge, Safety Badge and finishing off some things for the faith badge.

To celebrate Halloween Beavers had a double treat with ‘Magic Moira’ aka our very own GSL performing an exclusive magic show at the hall.  And Beavers also had the opportunity to join other Beaver groups for the district Halloween party at the weekend.

Beavers had a fantastic evening at the Pollok Fire Safety Centre learning how to keep safe around the home, trying on the gear, checking out the engines and much more.

The mini-fire fighters

After learning all about safety near water and road safety the Beavers went on an adventure to Maxwell park pond and sailed their ‘junk’ boats.   Despite a few capsizing & detaching from their strings…it was an enjoyable & exciting (if a bit cold!) evening for all involved.

Winter term ended with an all star performance/variety show with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and leaders sharing their many talents and having a sing song!

After a well deserved rest over Christmas Grant took nine lucky Beavers to Auchengillan for their first sleepover in January.  Watch this space for some great pics…

Other highlights of 2011 include  a fantastic session with a couple of doctors who helped them get the emergency aid stage 1 activity badge, a huge thankyou to Sam’s dad Gren for arranging this.  We also welcomed a local minister to share his thoughts on faith, the Beavers got to discuss and debate various thoughts and ideas about what God means to them and what’s the same and different between the many faiths we follow.

The end of year trip to Blairdrummond was an exciting experience for those who could come.  We watched sealions leap in the air, lions laze about, eagles swoop and dive, chimps play and much much more.  Thankyou to Jane for organising this district wide trip (3 coaches full of Beavers, Cubs and leaders), and a huge thankyou to parents who volunteered to help out.

Beavers have enjoyed many fun-filled Tuesday evenings putting up tents; making posters; playing vollyball and parachute games; making fruit salad & sandwiches; learning how magnets and locks work; making a racing car; building with marsh mallows and much much more!  And some Beavers have been doing lots of extra work at home earning the Animal friend badge, swimmers badge and hobbies badge.  Well done! 🙂

The year is almost over, 3 weeks to go.  Last week the group organised a surprise leaving BBQ for Beaver Leader, Frida (me!), as I’m emigrating to Qatar.  I’d like to say huge thankyou for the support, help and advice from Moira (GSL), another huge thankyou to all the parents who’ve given up their time to help whenever I’ve needed them, thank you to our two Duke of Edinburgh volunteers Cat & Anita, and another huge thankyou to Grant who has been a fantastic, enthusiastic Assistant Beaver Leader, and in whose capable hands I now leave the Beaver section.  Good Luck Grant and the Beavers & I hope you all enjoy the many fantastic experiences and adventures coming your way….


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