The Beavers take part in a balanced programme outlined here .

The Beavers are rewarded for their participation, learning and efforts with badges which they enthusiastically collect and count, and get their mum or dad to sew onto their uniform!

Over the last year our Beavers have completed activities for many of the badges including The Scottish Challenge, Global Challenge, Fitness Challenge, Air Activity, Experiment, Imagination and Faith badge. Some have even been doing extra work at home to achieve even more badges e.g. Hobbies, Animal Friend and Swimmers badges.

We launched the new term in August with the Outdoor Challenge Badge which includes traditional scouting activities such as setting up tents, tieing knots and other outdoor activities.  We’re also hoping to finally get the faith badge completed so please bring back the info on your visits to places of worship.  We’ve been doing some activities for the Promise challenge and the fitness challenge too, so as you can see we have an action packed term ahead!

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